Bravo Web Package ~ A Professional Web Package That Won't Break the Bank

Package FAQ

Who is this package designed for?
This web package is best suited to business owners who need to get a website up and running fast (without paying an arm and a leg). They want the basics, but they want it to look professional because they appreciate the impact of first impressions. The philosophy here is less is more; it's better to have less but have it highly polished. I use the term 'business owner' here, but the package is just as suitable for hobbyists, not-for-profit organisations, etc.
What's included in the package?
The major features include: professionally created template-based web design (tailored to suit the colours, branding and 'vibe' of your business), hosting (a place for your website to live), connection of your website address to your hosting location, setup of your email address, initial transfer of your text and photos to the website, submission to the Google search engine, setup of automatic website traffic reporting (arrives once a week via email), design of a contact page, instructions on how to update your text in future, on-going support and technical advice.
How is this different from other web packages?
The major difference is that it's professionally built. Other packages around this price-tag are either DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or built by outsourced 'web-monkeys'. DIY packages are cheap, but they come with a number of problems (e.g. you have to learn the tools, the finished website is often amateurish in appearance, etc). The problem with 'web-monkeys', or cheap off-shore labour, is they frequently have low production standards and produce websites riddled with mistakes (due to inexperience and 'production-line mentality').
Couldn't I just make the website myself?
Sure you could, and here's a DIY service I have no problem with you making your own website, but consider this: you can no more produce a professional looking website than I can service a helicopter. Trying to would result in 3.5 tonnes of burning metal dropping out of the sky (I'm talking about the helicopter here, not the website). Unless you are in a field where design is involved (e.g. A graphic artist), the chances of producing a decent looking website are slim to none. When a customer comes to your website, they will judge you on first impressions. As unfair as it may sound, if your website looks unpolished, that may be enough for a customer to take their business elsewhere (potential customer: "if they can't even get their own website right, what sort of service can I expect?").
Wouldn't it be cheaper to build my own website?
Yes, it would be (at least initially). It may seem cost-effective to make your own website now, but in the long run you lose business. If potential customers get a bad impression from your website because it looks amateurish, they won't buy from you. For most businesses, a few sales is all it takes to recoup the cost of having a professionally made website.
How long before my website is ready?
Your website will normally be delivered within 7-14 days. But it can be as little as 5 days or as long as 21. The biggest factor affecting build speed is content (not the technology). If you have your text and photos ready, your website can be built very fast.
Will I get a unique design or is it template-based?
This package is based on 'template' designs. You can think of a template as a pre-fabricated 'shell' which is adjusted to suit your business. For example; templates commonly have a header region at the top of the page. This header area is often used to show a company logo and an image that has to do with your business or service.
What's my involvement during the build process?
To begin with, you will need to provide information about your business and what your website needs to do (this is done via an online fill-in form). Your next major contribution will be to provide the text and photos to appear on your website. Finally, you will be required to review your website for accuracy. Along the way there are a number of points where you provide approvals (e.g. approve the header banner, approve the template to use for your site, etc). It is a misconception to think that building a website is just a matter of handing over money and leaving the rest to the tech boffins; the build can't succeed without your active and timely input.
Are there any forms for me to fill out?
Yes, there are. After paying for your website, you will be given a link to an online Requirements Questionnaire. This is where I collect information about your business (e.g. What services you offer, etc) and also find out what features your website needs to have. The form requires a concentrated effort and about 25-30 minutes to complete. It is very important as it ensures I have the details necessary to build your website correctly.
I don't like filling in online forms, can we do it over the phone?
Sorry, but that's not possible with this package. If you require a higher degree of assistance with your website I would recommend asking for a quote on a custom-build website (this includes more time for communication). That said, the Requirements Questionnaire only takes about 25-30 minutes of concentrated effort to complete, and does have online help which explains what to do.
How do I get my text and pictures to you?
This can generally be achieved via email. For text, it's best to write up your content in a Microsoft Word document (e.g. Some history about your business to go on the 'About Us' page, a summary of the services you provide, etc). You can either have one Word document per section (e.g. About-us.doc, contact.doc, etc), or have bold titles within the document to mark what text is meant to go where. Photos can also be sent via email (up to 20 images). Early during the build process you will be provided with an email address to send content to.
Are there any additional [third party] costs?
Yes, there are. The first will be the purchase cost of your web address [domain name], assuming you haven't already bought one. This generally costs about $25.00 per 2 years (for an Australian domain. United States or .com domains cost less, around $10.00 per years). Buying a domain name is fairly straight-forward, you won't need me for this. I recommend purchasing from or (nb. I have no affiliation with either of these companies, they just provide solid service and a decent price). The cost of your domain name isn't included in the package price.
Will you setup an email address for me?
I sure will. Early in the build process I will ask what email address you would like (e.g. tony Before your website launches, I will provide you with instructions on how to access your email.
What if I want more than 1 email address?
As part of the package, I create 1 email account and up to 3 'aliases' (e.g. is the email account, but you can receive email via 3 other aliases (e.g.,, etc). When you write emails though, they will always go out via the original email account (i.e. The 'from' address will be
I don't have a website address [domain name], can you help?
Of course. You will need to buy a domain name from a registrar (I don't sell them directly). The one I like is called ( For an Australian domain name (i.e. Ending in, you shouldn't pay more than $30.00 (nb. This is a recurring fee every 2 years). The process is fairly straight forward so give it a go, if you still have trouble, contact me and I will talk you through the process.
What if I find a mistake on my website after it launches?
If the mistake is to do with content (e.g. a grammar error), then this will be within your power to fix by using the CMS. All websites come with a 6 month software warranty, so if there is something wrong with the code (a bug), that is covered under the warranty and means I will investigate and fix it if possible.
Can I find out how many people visit my site (website traffic stats)?
Yes. Google Analytics is added to your website so you can track how many people are visiting your site each week. It also records things like how much time people are spending on your site, what your most popular pages are, and what country people are visiting from. Analytics is setup to automatically send you a PDF report once a week. In addition, you will be provided with a 2-page primer explaining how to interpret the stats.
I don't have a logo for my business, is that a problem?
Yes, it kind of is. You could proceed to have your website built without a logo and branding colours, but that isn't going to help with your credibility. I'd recommend sorting out a logo before looking into a website. Bravo Web has a synergy with an experience graphic designer who offers logo design packages starting at $500.00. If you'd like advice about getting a professional logo created, please contact me.
Who is actually building my website?
My name is Louis Marshall. I'm a professionally qualified developer based in Melbourne with over 12 years experience building both simple and complex websites. You can find out more about me on the About Us page.
How many pages can I have on my website?
That depends. Page limits are often imposed by web companies so the site doesn't get huge and out of control. Adding a page to a website is simple; filling it with meaningful content is another matter. This package includes enough time to create up to 10 website pages (this includes transferring your Word text into these pages).
What about Google and SEO [Search Engine Optimisation]?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimisations, can be divided into two broad categories: On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO relates to things you do to your website files to improve the ease with which Google indexes your site. Off-page SEO is all about promoting your website on other people's websites. Generally speaking, the more people [websites] that talk about you, the better your Google ranking. This package follows many of the best practice approaches for good on-page SEO; however there is no time allowance for off-page SEO efforts. If you have a physical shop location, I recommend looking into an affiliate product called Local Business Maps. This service guarantees that you show up in Google searches for your particular service or product within your area (e.g. 'antique furniture Richmond').
Will I show up on the first page of Google when my site launches?
This is unlikely, but it does also depend on how someone searches for you. As part of the package your website is submitted to Google for inclusion in their index. Once submitted, it can take 2-6 weeks before your site has the potential to show up in searches. The biggest factor affecting your ranking is how much other people [websites] are talking about you. The other major factor affecting your ranking is keyword richness, or how often 'searched-for' phrases appear in your text. This package does not include an extensive SEO strategy. If you would like advice on SEO, please contact me.
Do I pay for my website before or after it's built?
Payment is required before the build process begins in earnest. This generally means just after the Requirements Questionnaire is filled out. Payment is generally made via direct deposit or online using PayPal. If paying via direct deposit, you will be provided with an invoice which contains payment details (i.e. what bank account to pay money into).
Are there any on-going costs or fees?
Not for the website itself, that is a one-off expense. The package comes with two hours of support time (this is enough to last most people 12 months). Once this support time is used up, maintenance rates apply (which is $44/hr inc. GST).
Do you provide on-going support, and how long does it last?
All websites come with a two hour block of support time (which lasts 12 months, starting from the date your site launches). This time can be used when you need help with your website (or to trouble-shoot problems). For example; you may need assistance inserting a YouTube video into your website. Once this two hour block is used up, you can buy another two hour block for $88.00 (inc. GST).
Who uploads text and photos to my website?
Initially your text and photos will be inserted into your website by us. After your website launches, you then take over managing your website's content. Updating text and imagery is done via Weebly's Content Management System (or CMS). Login access and instructions on how to use Weebly's CMS are provided just prior to launch. Please be aware there are limits to how much content can initially be uploaded by me. After your site goes live you may add as much content as you wish.
Can I change text on my website after it goes live?
Yes, you can. This is achieved by using Weebly's Content Management System (or CMS). Just before your site launches, you will be provided with login details and instructions on how to use Weebly's CMS. Please note that it is intended that you take-over content management once your site goes live.
I have a bucket-load of photos for my website, is that a problem?
No, not really. Although the number of photos I initially upload for you is limited, you can later use the Weebly Content Management System (or CMS) to upload more photos. Just prior to your website going live, you will be given login access to the Weebly CMS and instructions on how to use the system.
Will you create a customised header [banner] image for me?
Yes. The package includes the creation of one custom-made header image (or banner). Your header usually incorporates your logo and some type of imagery relevant to what you do (e.g. if you are a plumber, there could be a picture of a guy fixing a sink). Please check the Bravo Web Package document for the rules on header image creation.
Does the website come with a CMS [Content Management System]?
Yes, it comes with Weebly's CMS which can be used to adjust your text and photos online. Login details and instructions on how to use the CMS will be provided just prior to launch of your website.
Can people subscribe to my newsletter via the website?
Yes, you can have a 'Join Newsletter' box on your website. This asks people to enter their name and email address into a small form. Whenever someone joins your newsletter, you will be sent an email containing the subscriber's email address (name is often left optional). You then add the person to the mailing list of whatever newsletter software you use (Campaign Monitor is a popular e-marketing package if you need one).
Can I have a customised fill-in form on my website?
Yes. The package includes the creation of one online fill-in form if required. You can use this to gather information from visitors or customers (e.g. testimonials, booking enquiries, quote requests, etc). The captured information is then sent to you via email. The complexity of this form is limited to a maximum of 10 basic fields (e.g. name, date, number of guests, etc). If you require a form with greater complexity or one that does calculations, please contact me to discuss a quote for a custom-built website.
Is this a DIY [Do-It-Yourself] package?
No, it's not. Your website will be designed and built by a professionally qualified web developer. Initially, your text and photos will be loaded onto your website by me. Once your site goes live, you take-over maintenance of your content.
Can I have a Flash animation on my website?
The package does not include creation of any Flash animations. However, the CMS supports insertion of Flash animations (e.g. If you have a pre-existing Flash animation you'd like to use).
Can I have YouTube videos on my website?
Yes. You can get YouTube to generate special embed code for videos you want to insert into your website (instructions on how to do this are provided upon request). During the initial construction of your site, you may request linking of up to 3 YouTube videos into your website (future additions are done by you via Weebly's CMS).
Can I see some example of websites you've built?
Sure you can; have a look at the portfolio page for examples of past work.
Where are you located, can I talk to you on the phone?
I'm located in Melbourne, Victoria. If you would like to chat on the phone, please call me on 0401 151 599 or SMS to request a call-back.
Can I include a Google Map showing where my shop is located?
Yes; this is advisable especially if you have a 'bricks and mortar' physical store. A Google Map is usually placed on your 'Contact' page.
Can I have a photo gallery on my website?
Yes, you can. During the build process you may email me up to 20 photos to include on a photo gallery page. After launch, you can add more photos via Weebly's admin module. Photos sometimes need to be adjusted by me to improve how they are displayed on the Internet (e.g. Cropped or resized).
Do you proactively correct errors without checking with me first?
Yes, I do. It often takes less time to just correct an error than to point it out, convene a committee, discuss it, develop a plan of action, and then finally execute the fix. The majority of the time proactive fixes turn out to be beneficial, but occasionally you may get a 'false positive'. For example, I may see the word 'summarize' in your text which I change to 'summarise' - unaware that you are intentionally catering for an American audience.
Can I provide feedback during the build process?
There are key points through-out the build phase where you will need to provide input or approval (e.g. approving your header image). However, most of these 'decision points' are one way; meaning once they pass, the choice is set in stone and can't be undone.
Can I make changes along the way?
Generally no. Most of the build is planned early on, and once something has been developed it is finalised. However, there is a small margin for rudimentary alterations (e.g. renaming a page from 'About Us' to 'Profile'). Once the site launches, you will be given access to the Weebly CMS which allows you to update your text and photos.
And how many email addresses can I have?
One email address and up to three 'aliases' are included in the package. An alias can be thought of as an additional To address linked to an email account.
I'm not very computer literate, is that OK?
Absolutely. The package is designed so you don't need to know a lot about computers. All the actual technical stuff is handled by a professional designer. The trickiest thing you will do is log into Weebly's admin module after launch to update your text if you need to. Instructions in the form of a YouTube tutorial video will be provided to help you learn how to use the CMS.
Can I have a footer showing my phone no. & 'Privacy Policy' link?
Yes. Your website's footer line usually follows standard conventions such as showing a copyright notice, a link to a generic 'Privacy Policy' page, and a credit to the website creator.
Can I link to other websites from my site?
Yes, you can. In the early stages of the build process you will need to supply the text for your website (usually in a Microsoft Word document). MS Word allows you to insert web links by: 1) highlighting a word, 2) right clicking it, 3) selecting 'Hyperlink...' from the pop-up menu, and 4) specifying the link in the 'Address' textbox (e.g.
What if my site crashes [goes down]?
True site crashes are rare. Often times a website goes down because a domain name has been allowed to expire (i.e. the renewal fee wasn't paid on time). Other times host servers experience temporary outages which can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, after which your site comes back online. In the event that your website 'disappears', give it an hour just in case it's a temporary outage. If the site doesn't come back within a few hours, send an email to Bravo Web support and it will be investigated straight away (
What is CMS?
A CMS or Content Management System is a web page that lets you adjust text and photos on a website (other kinds of data can also be managed via a CMS). A CMS requires a person to login with a username and password before allowing access to a website's content.
Can I stop junk mail [spam] coming from my website?
Most likely there will be a trickle of spam which originates from your website. A good email program like Gmail will eliminate the majority of junk mail being sent to you, but it's still unlikely you will be spam free (such is the nature of the Internet). Trying too hard to eliminate spam runs the risks of false positives (e.g. Blocking a legitimate email from a customer).
Are there different packages to choose from?
No, although the 'marketing books' advise this, the benefits are deceptive. The reality is if this package doesn't suit your needs, then another package probably won't either. You are far better off requesting a quote for a custom-built website where you can have anything you want (contact me if you'd like a quote for a custom-built website).
How is payment made, and can I make part payments?
There are a few options: direct deposit, PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), or cheque. Paying by cheque takes longer as funds have to clear before the build process begins in earnest. Part payments are not offered since the package price is comparatively low to begin with.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, via PayPal. It may not be apparent at first that PayPal offer standard credit card payments, but the option is there. The option is tucked away because PayPal prefers you to have an account with them and use their bank transfer facilities. A PayPal account is not required to make credit card payments via PayPal.
Is there any testing done before my website goes live?
Yes, there is. Again, this is one of the major differences between this package and a DIY service. A series of tests are conducted on your site prior to launch which check for the most common errors present on business websites (e.g. broken links, spelling errors, etc). Some of the checks also help achieve a higher degree of SEO and usability.

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  • "Bravo Web were extremely easy to work with and very helpful with the do's and don'ts of web design. Communication was definitely a strong point throughout the project, which was Mark Johanson Portrait always done in a professional, courteous and friendly manner."
    - Mark Johanson (Mansfield House)