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We specialise in developing tailor made software that meets the needs of the individual organisation. We understand that your needs are specific to your business and hence the solutions need to be suitable for you. Our brochure explains how we can help you improve your business.

  • Client: Bravo Web
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, ASP/MS Access, JavaScript
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A simple yet highly flexible content management system used by many Bravo Web customers. The beauty of the AURON CMS is its lack of features which makes it extremely easy to learn (there is no need for a user manual). The system also maintains strict separation between content and layout, which is especially important for consistency and a professional look and feel.

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  • Client: Baranows Fine Cigars
  • Responsibilities: Interface design, HTML Cut-up
  • Tools Used: Photoshop, XHTML/CSS, e-commerce
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A well-known Melbourne importer and retailer of cigars from around the world. In addition to Baranow's two physical store locations, their website offers full shopping facilities including credit cart payment.

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Walter's Online ShopTop
  • Client: Walter's Wine Bar
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming, Project Management
  • Tools Used: ASP/SQL Server, Photoshop, e-commerce
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Walter's Online Shop

Developing an online shop was a natural progression for this boutique deli located in Melbourne's trendy Southbank region. Their website complimented their physical store-front's offerings by allowing customers to purchase gift hampers online via credit card.

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Wilde About GolfTop
  • Client: Channel Nine
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming, Project Management
  • Tools Used: Photoshop, ASP/MS Access, XHTML/CSS
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Wilde About Golf

The Wilde About Golf website was launched in conjunction with a television program hosed by celebrity Wilbur Wilde, the show covered topics relating to the sport of golf. The website was designed to offer viewers additional information about the features presented during the program.

Project Details
  • Client: WorkWithFood
  • Responsibilities: Project Management, Programming
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, ASP/SQL Server
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This project saw the creation of a job recruitment website squarely targeted at the hospitality industry. The WorkWihFood website allowed registered members to not only search for jobs in restaurants, cafes, and similar venues, but also allowed users to store their resumes online so potential employers could proactively search for staff.

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