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We specialise in developing tailor made software that meets the needs of the individual organisation. We understand that your needs are specific to your business and hence the solutions need to be suitable for you. Our brochure explains how we can help you improve your business.

  • Client: Baranows Fine Cigars
  • Responsibilities: Interface design, HTML Cut-up
  • Tools Used: Photoshop, XHTML/CSS, e-commerce
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A well-known Melbourne importer and retailer of cigars from around the world. In addition to Baranow's two physical store locations, their website offers full shopping facilities including credit cart payment.

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Challenge CentreTop
  • Client: Challenge Centre
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design
  • Tools Used: Photoshop
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Challenge Centre

This project involved a website design for a fitness centre based in Oakleigh. The centre offers a range of fitness programs from karate to yoga. One of the business' goals was to provide easily accessible information about their various short courses. In addition, a secure login area was to provide members with special content.

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FPH 'Chase'Top
  • Client: Fleet Plant Hire
  • Responsibilities: Interface design, Programming, Project Management
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, ASP/SQL Server, JavaScript
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FPH 'Chase'

'The Chase' is an ERP system developed for a earth removalist and logistics company located in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. The web application was designed to replace many of the company's existing paper-based processes as well as act as a store-house of internal business rules. The solution was developed over a period of 11 months and spans over 100 screens.

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  • Client: Icon Australia
  • Responsibilities: Project Management
  • Tools Used: e-commerce, Photoshop
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A fashion label targeted towards a youth and surf-culture demographic, Icon Australia's online shop allows customers to browse and purchase from their extensive inventory of jewellery and accessories (e.g. belts, hats, etc). The website features a credit card gateway allowing shoppers to make purchases online.

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ICR 'Fred'Top
  • Client: Independant Carpet Retailers
  • Responsibilities: Project Management, Front-end design, Programming
  • Tools Used: e-commerce, ASP/SQL Server
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ICR 'Fred'

'Fred' is a B2B stock management system used by over a hundred users distributed throughout Australia. The web application allows the collective of carpet retailers to effectively order stock at discounted rates thanks to their combined buying power.

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